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T3 has taken hair dryer design into the future with proprietary, patented technologies to dry and style hair faster, more evenly, and with a finish that is totally damage-free. See the full line of revolutionary T3 hair dryers.

By synergizing two innovative technologies: patented Tourmaline infusion with Tourmaline SoftAire™ airflow management, T3 has achieved a beauty paradigm shift.

Every use of T3 dryers improves the condition of hair, leaving it silkier, smoother and luminously vibrant. Its special technology also eliminates the static electricity that causes flyaways.

The visionary hair dryers from T3 represent a major design rethink of the performance, look and inner architecture of the professional dryer.

Conventional dryers use wattage, damaging heat and hurricane-like velocity to dry hair. See the T3 hair dryers that have made this old-fashioned process obsolete.