T3 Source Showerhead Filter
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T3 Source Showerhead Filter

T3 Source Showerhead Filter

Beauty begins in the shower.

Discover the Pure Water Difference
Chlorine is one of the real culprits behind dry, damaged hair and skin. A survey of public water* shows that regular household water can contain nearly as much chlorine as that recommended for swimming pools. By using a patented formula of Tourmaline, precious metals and minerals, T3 Source Shower Filters can remove up to 95% of chlorine from shower water which:

  • Improves hair health and beauty
  • Enhances the color retention and vibrancy of processed hair
  • Helps skin to be less dry, retain more moisture and look healthier
  • Makes skin noticeably softer and smoother

The Science of Fabulous
Through a filtration process called “Redox”, T3 Source Shower Filters transform chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin. The patented technology is tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) who is a US water supply auditor and world health organization member.

Average Hair Health** and Beauty Benefits (when compared to using tap*** water):

  • 49% Reduction in Frizz
  • 22% Increase in Body
  • 36% Increase in Comb-ability
  • 31% Increase in Shine

Skin Benefits:

  • By filtering the chlorine from your shower water, your skin may be less dry, may retain more moisture and may look healthier.

Quick, Easy Installation
From a gentle rainfall to a tension-releasing massage, the T3 Source Showerhead Filter features 8 different spray settings for a truly luxurious showering experience while rejuvenating hair and skin. To ensure the unit is operating at peak performance, change the filter every 6 months or when the color indicator turns black. For best results, reverse the filter monthly.

T3 Source Shower Filters - Pure Water for Beautiful Hair and Skin


Copper, Zinc, Calcium work together to convert and remove chlorine

Tourmaline produces negative ions that reduce water cluster size which improves filtration and helps PH balance the water

Anti-scaling, low maintenance spray nozzles resist scale buildup

8 Premium spray settings provide the ultimate luxurious shower experience

Included Filter ($25 value) should be replaced every 6 months (or 10k gallons) for optimal results

2-yr warranty offers comprehensive coverage and support options


Rated Service Flow Max 2.5 gallons per minute

Filter Life 10,000 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first)

Max working pressure 80 pounds per square inch

Max operating temperature 120ºF

Tested and certified by the NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation

*Based on Phase_I_Final_Chlorine_Report
**As defined by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
***Tap water standard at 2.5ppm Chlorine