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Earned T3 points are converted to dollars and applied during checkout. The more points you earn, the more you save on future purchases.

20 points = $1

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Create an Account 300 points

The first step in your journey to top-notch tools and brilliant benefits. Simply apply for a T3Pro account, receive your Pro approval, and earn a $15 credit toward purchase. You're welcome.

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Membership matters. As a T3Pro, you will receive preferred pricing throughout the site. You must be approved and logged in as a T3Pro to view this pricing.

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Refer a Friend 300 points

Feeling generous? Tell your friends and receive a $15 credit for every one who joins T3 and makes a purchase. To qualify, your friend must be a new T3 member.

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Review a Product 40 points

Your opinion matters. Which products do you love—and why? For every product review, you will earn 40 points. Do tell.

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Make a Purchase $1 = 1 point

Shop to it. The fastest way to boost your points bank is to shop right here. As a T3Pro, you will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on T3micro.com.

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300 points

The first step in your journey to glossy hair and beautiful benefits. Simply create an account, and earn a $15 credit toward purchase. It's instantly gratifying.

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