Luxe Shower Cap + Luxe Turban Towel + Clip Kit


$85.00 $65.00
$85.00 $65.00

It's all in the details. Upgrade your styling routine with this trio.

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The fun is in the details. Our Accessory Trio has all the little things you’re going to love. The T3 LUXE Shower Cap protects your blowout, the T3 Clip Kit ups the style factor every time, and the T3 LUXE Turban Towel is a post-shower necessity.
Model # VB10022

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T3 LUXE Shower Cap

T3 LUXE Shower Cap

The T3 LUXE Shower Cap keeps hair dry while extending your style. The soft microfiber lining protects hair from humidity, keeping it soft, shiny, and frizz-free. The bonnet shape provides more than enough space for any hair length or texture, so your style will look untouched, even after the shower.

T3 LUXE Turban Towel

T3 LUXE Turban Towel

Maintaining long-lasting results goes beyond the hair tool. The T3 LUXE Turban Towel gently removes moisture from the hair after washing, decreasing the time needed for drying and styling. Created from soft, microfiber fabric with waffle weave texture, the T3 LUXE Turban Towel absorbs excess moisture quickly and easily.

T3 Clip Kit

T3 Clip Kit

A girl’s best accessory is her clip kit. The T3 Clip Kit is an assortment of 4 white sectioning clips embellished with the T3 logo, and 30 rose gold bobby pins that add a touch of elegance to any hair style. the durable, soft-touch sectioning clips easily grip large amounts of hair without causing breakage.

Product Features & Specifications

Additional Features

T3 LUXE Shower Cap

  • Bonnet design fits any hairstyle with room to spare extending style after the shower
  • Durable waterproof material protects hair from moisture
  • Microfiber lining is designed to fit securely and comfortably while protecting all hair lengths
  • Machine washable for easy and convenient to clean

T3 Clip Kit

  • Includes 4 sectioning alligator clips and 30 rose gold bobby pins
  • Securely holds loose hair, bangs, buns and half-up do’s
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Section hair in 4 to 6 segments for easier blow drying & styling

T3 LUXE Turban Towel

  • Soft and comfortable microfiber material
  • Waffle weave texture for better absorbency
  • Tapered design fits most hair lengths and textures
  • Coconut shell button and elastic loop to secure towel
  • Approximately 29”L x 9” Widest Width; 2.5” Shortest Width
  • Machine washable

Model #: VB10022

NOTE: Set must be returned in full to be eligible for a refund.

What's in the box
  • T3 LUXE Shower Cap
  • T3 LUXE Turban Towel
  • T3 Clip Kit: 4 sectioning alligator clips and 30 rose gold bobby pins

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