1.25" Smart Curling Iron



Tailor your heat. For curls that last.

The T3 Curl ID is the first professional curling iron that’s truly personalized. This game-changing tool uses advanced technology to simplify your styling experience, eliminate guesswork, and minimize damage1. Equipped with a smart-touch interface and HeatID technology, T3 Curl ID intelligently adjusts heat to your unique profile, based on your hair texture, color and chemical treatments. The result? Smooth, beautiful curls that last.
Model # 77550

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  1. Welcome to T3 Heat ID Technology

  2. Rapid HeatIQ® Technology

72% of women believe the higher the heat, the longer their curls will last.2

HeatID technology

First-of-its-kind styling personalization with a smart touch interface and 9 precise heat settings that automatically adjust to your specific hair needs, without overexposing your hair to unnecessary heat.

Diagnose your hair

Input your unique hair profile based on hair texture, color, and chemical treatments, for optimized heat and smooth, shiny curls that last.3

CeraGloss™ barrel

Custom blend ceramic barrel glides smoothly through hair for shiny, smooth curls that last.

Additional Features

  1. 9 Precise Heat Settings

    Deliver personalized heat for every hair type and condition.

  2. Ion Generator

    Minimizes static frizz, boosts shine, and locks in style.

  3. Touch Interface

    For easy and seamless adjustment of the heat settings.

  4. Auto World Voltage (100-240V)

    For use around the world (plug adapter needed).

  5. Manual Mode

    For fine tuning heat settings if needed.


  1. How to get your Heat ID


  2. Discover your hair type


  3. Manual Mode


Product Features & Specifications

  • T3 HeatIDAutomatically adjusts to your hair needs without overexposing to uneccessary heat
  • T3 Rapid HeatIQ® TechnologyEnsures advanced heat precision for beautiful results
  • 1 1/4” CeraGloss™ BarrelFor shiny, smooth curls that last
  • 9 Precise Heat SettingsDeliver personalized heat for every hair type and condition
  • Ion GeneratorMinimizes static frizz, boosts shine, and locks in style
  • Touch Screen/Auditory FeedbackFor easy and intuitive setting selection
  • Manual ModeFor easy and seamless adjustment of the heat settings
  • 9ft., 360˚ Professional Swivel CordPrevents cord from getting tangled or twisted
Additional Features
  • Lightweight Design: For an effortless styling experience
  • Cool Tip & Stand: Enables easy, secure, and comfortable styling
  • Auto World Voltage (100-240V): For use around the world (plug adapter needed)
  • 1 Hour Auto Off: For worry-free styling
  • Wattage: 100-240V
  • Model #: 77550


1 In an independent consumer study, 59% of 93 respondents, were able to lower their heat and reduce the risk of heat damage when using the T3 Curl ID.

2 Based on a social media survey of 352 participants.

3 Use iron with caution, and select settings with caution. There are individual variations in how hair responds to heat. The optimal selection of settings may vary from person to person. In the first use, it is best to test at a low heat and for a short duration. If there are any adverse or unexpected effects, stop use of the iron immediately.

What's in the box
  • 1 ¼" smart curling iron

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