Detangle Duo + Clip Kit + Cura + SoftCurl

Starter Kit: Curls, Curls, Curls

$295.00 $220.00
$295.00 $220.00

Your Starter Kit: Curls, Curls, Curls

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Even gorgeous curls need a little extra love sometimes and it can be challenging to keep your coily or kinky hair healthy-looking and frizz-free. This set helps enhance your natural texture and get you the look you want.
Model # VB10051

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  1. T3 Digital IonAir Technology

  2. Welcome to Cura

T3 Detangle Duo

T3 Detangle Duo

The two-piece T3 Detangle Duo set includes a shower comb that evenly disperses liquid products in the shower, and a detangling brush to help release knots in wet hair, leaving strands detangled and ready for dry styling.

T3 Cura

T3 Cura

Use the Cura together with the Diffuser to create beautiful curls. The T3 Cura hair dryer makes at-home blowouts faster, easier, and healthier. Powered by T3 Digital IonAir Technology, this professional dryer uses a gentle yet efficient ion-rich airstream, leaving hair beautifully smooth and shiny, every single time.

T3 SoftCurl

T3 SoftCurl

Use the Diffuser attachment as if it was your hand, gently cupping hair in the bowl of the diffuser and softly scrunching curls from the ends up.

Additional Features

  1. Cura - Digital IonAir Technology
    Cura - Digital IonAir Technology

    Digitally-controlled heat combines with a powerful negative ion generator to dry hair quickly while maintaining body and shine.

  2. Cura - 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings
    Cura - 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings

    The right heat and speed to ensure fast drying without overexposing hair to heat.

  3. Cura - Ion Generator
    Cura - Ion Generator

    Emits millions of negative ions to smooth the hair cuticle and deliver soft, frizz-free results.

  4. Cura - 2 Concentrators
    Cura - 2 Concentrators

    A drying concentrator for rough drying with a wide volume of air, and a styling concentrator for styling one section at a time with a concentrated airflow.

Product Features & Specifications

Additional Features

T3 Cura

  • Digital IonAir: Digitally-controlled heat dries hair quickly while maintaining body & shine
  • 5 Heat & 2 Speeds Settings: Styling customization for all hair types and textures
  • Ion generator: Smooth the hair cuticle for soft, frizz-free results
  • Auto Pause Sensor: Intuitively pauses airflow when you release the handle
  • Volume Booster Switch: Boosts texture and volume
  • Lock-in cool shot: Locks in any style for a smooth, sleek finish
  • Lightweight & quiet: For a comfortable and pleasant drying experience
  • 2 Drying & Styling Concentrators: Dries hair evenly and quickly with a wide volume of air
  • Ergonomic Handle: Angled design helps alleviate wrist strain for effortless drying
  • Pure Stream Cap: Removable filter for optimal performance
  • Long Life Motor: Ensures a reliable performance
  • 9ft., 360° Professional Swivel Cord: Prevents cord from getting tangled or twisted
  • Product weight: 16.3oz
  • Wattage: 1875W
  • Voltage: 125V

T3 Clip Kit

  • Includes 4 sectioning alligator clips and 30 rose gold bobby pins
  • Securely holds loose hair, bangs, buns and half-up do’s
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Section hair in 4 to 6 segments for easier blow drying & styling

Detangle Duo

  • Wide-Tooth Comb - Helps disperse liquid products evenly through strands in the shower while detangling hair​
  • Rounded Tips - Helps massage and stimulate scalp​
  • Teardrop-Shape Handle - Design fits comfortably in hand for better control while brushing through strands​
  • Soft Flexible Brush Bristles - Remove knots and tangles from wet hair comfortably and easily​
  • Porcupine Bristle Pattern - Allows brush bristles to glide through hair smoothly​
  • Cushioned Brush Body - Conforms to the contours of the scalp to optimize detangling​
  • Wide Tooth Comb Product weight: 1.4 oz
  • Detangle Brush Product weight: 3.2oz

SoftCurl Diffuser

  • Vented Finger Extensions distribute heat evenly for fast drying with volume and body
  • Even heat distribution prevents over-drying, leaving hair smooth and shiny
  • Product weight: 4.2 oz

NOTE: Set must be returned in full to be eligible for a refund.

What's in the box
  • T3 Cura: Hair dryer + Drying concentrator (wide) + Styling concentrator (narrow)
  • T3 Clip Kit
  • T3 Detangle Duo: Wide tooth comb + Detangle brush
  • T3 SoftCurl Finger Diffuser

Product Manual and Quickstart