Interchangeable Clip Barrel Iron



One base. 3 clip barrels. Endless possibilities.

T3 Open Box:

  • Product appearance and performance is brand new.
  • Includes all original parts/accessories.
  • Packaging may be damaged (signs of scratches, marks, dents, tears, crushed corners, or labels).

  • Why commit to one when you can have three? With the T3 Twirl Trio, just swap out your barrel to change up your look.

    This curling iron trio features the T3 Convertible Base—the foundation of the T3 Convertible Collection—and three interchangeable clip barrels in different sizes. So go ahead and explore your options. Create glamorous curls, classic defined curls, bouncy, full-bodied curls, and more. The possibilities are endless.
    Model # 76584-OP

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    • Interchangeable Design icon

      Interchangeable Design technology

      Compatible with T3 Convertible Base for endless styling possibilities.
    • Digital T3 SinglePass® Technology icon

      Digital T3 SinglePass® Technology

      Smart microchip and high-performance ceramic heaters deliver fast, one-pass results.
    • 5 Heat Settings icon

      5 Heat Settings

      Precise heat for every hair type and texture.
    • CeraGloss™ Barrel icon

      CeraGloss™ Barrel

      For shiny, smooth results that last.
    • 1 hour auto shut off icon

      1 hour auto shut off

      Shuts off after 1 hour for peace of mind.
    • Auto World Voltage icon

      Auto World Voltage

      Use your iron around the world.
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    1. Welcome to the Convertible Collection

    “I love this trio set. It allows me to style my hair in multiple ways with different size curls. It heats up quickly and the curls last until I wash my hair.”

    - Erica, MD
    Defined Curls

    Defined Curls

    1" Clip Barrel
    Create defined curls with a classic feel with the 1" clip barrel. Perfect for all hair lengths.

    Polished Curls

    Polished Curls

    1 ¼" Clip Barrel
    For full-polished glamorous curls, the 1 ¼" clip barrel delivers beautiful results. Perfect for shoulder hair length or longer.

    Voluminous Curls

    Voluminous Curls

    1 ½" Clip Barrel
    Achieve big, bouncy, bombshell curls with the 1 ½" clip barrel. Perfect for shoulder hair length or longer.

    Additional Features

    1. The Convertible Base
      The Convertible Base

      The Convertible Base is the foundation of the T3 Convertible Collection and allows for easy barrel swapping

    2. 5 Adjustable Heat Settings
      5 Adjustable Heat Settings
      Provides the optimum heat level for every hair type & texture
    3. Custom Blend Ceramic Barrels
      Custom Blend Ceramic Barrels

      Custom blend ceramic surface glides smoothly to create a frizz-free shiny finish that lasts

    4. Ceramic heaters
      Ceramic heaters

      High-performance ceramic heaters ensure even heat, free of hot spots, for one-pass styling

    5. Cool Tip & Stand
      Cool Tip & Stand

      Enables easy, secure, and comfortable styling

    6. Thumb lever
      Thumb lever

      Designed to provide leverage and control when curling


    1. T3 Twirl Trio Product Tour
      T3 Twirl Trio Product Tour
    2. Big Bouncy Curls Tutorial
      Big Bouncy Curls Tutorial
    3. Polished Curls Tutorial
      Polished Curls Tutorial

    Product Features & Specifications

    • Digital T3 Singlepass® technology Ensures even, consistent heat and fast, healthy styling
    • Interchangeable DesignEasily interchange barrels to achieve endless styling possibilities.
    • 5 heat settingsProvides the optimum heat level for any hair type
    • Cool tip & standEnables easy styling
    • 9ft., 360° Professional Swivel CordPrevents cord from getting tangled or twisted.
    • Auto World VoltageFor use around the world (plug adapter needed)
    • 1 Hour Auto Shut Off For worry-free styling
    • Soft Travel ToteSecures all parts for easy storage and travel
    Additional Features
    • 1" Clip Barrel: Classic defined curls, full-length curls
    • 1 ¼" Clip Barrel: Full, glamorous curls; uniform polished curls
    • 1 ½" Clip Barrel: Big and bouncy curls; bombshell curls
    • Custom Blend Ceramic Barrels: Custom blend ceramic surface glides smoothly to create a frizz-free shiny finish that lasts.
    • Camera Lens-inspired Locking Mechanism: Makes changing barrels fast, easy and secure
    • Wattage: 60 Watts
    • Voltage:100-240 volts AC 50/60 Hz
    • Product weight: 30.8 oz
    What's in the box
    • 1" clip barrel
    • 1 ¼" clip barrel
    • 1 ½" clip barrel
    • Convertible Base
    • Soft travel tote

    Product Manual and Quickstart

    How to use

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