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NYFW FW18 street style hair trends
February 16, 2018
Read on to see Lead Stylist David Lopez‘s favorite NYFW...Read More >
Big Bouncy Blowout Tutorial
Turn the volume way up with the Cura LUXE and... Read More >
#T3Inspo: Red Carpet Hairstyles
February 07, 2018
Emulate your favorite starlets and rock our top Red Carpet-inspired...Read More >
Smooth Sleek Blowout Tutorial
Silky smooth hair is at your fingertips. Get the look... Read More >
#T3Inspo: Valentine’s Day styles
February 05, 2018
Put your best strands forward this Valentine’s Day and wow...Read More >
Broken Waves Video Tutorial
Create natural, beautiful hot roller waves in five simple steps.... Read More >
Date night hair tutorial
February 02, 2018
Whether it’s the first, tenth or thirtieth time out together,...Read More >
Seaside Waves Tutorial
Create subtle, sensual beach waves with a flat iron.... Read More >
#T3Test: post-gym hair revival tips
January 29, 2018
Go ahead, work up a sweat – don’t worry about...Read More >
Curl Friend Tutorial
Use the SinglePass LUXE to fashion tight and defined flat... Read More >
How to diffuse your hair
January 25, 2018
Embrace your natural hair shape and disown frizz forever. T3...Read More >
Side Effects Tutorial
Change up a sleek look with a chic side-swept pop... Read More >
#T3Inspo: post holiday rut hairstyles
January 17, 2018
We’re calling it, 2018 will be all about accessories. Get...Read More >
Natural Bends Video Tutorial
Bend the rules with this effortless, flawless wavy bob.... Read More >
Everyday waves with a twist tutorial
January 08, 2018
Shake it up and wrap it ’round. Upgrade your everyday waves...Read More >
A Twist of Great Tutorial
Soft and subtle waves can make a big statement.... Read More >
10 New Year’s resolutions you have time for
January 03, 2018
Your time is valuable, don’t spend it drying your hair! Cura...Read More >
Faux Real Tutorial
How to create an on-trend faux side shave with actual hair.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: New Year’s Eve hairstyles
December 18, 2017
Another year has gone by but let’s send it off...Read More >
Mean Curls Tutorial
The 411 on creating alpha spiral curls with extraordinary definition.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: Christmas morning hairstyles
December 15, 2017
Coffee to drink, presents to open, no time to fuss...Read More >
5 Minute Waves Tutorial
A guide to breezy beautiful waves – in a flash.... Read More >
Twisted waves NYE hairstyle
December 12, 2017
It’s the final look of 2017, so make it a good...Read More >
Twisted Blowout Video Tutorial
How to achieve a beautiful twisted blowout with the T3... Read More >
Curl for any holiday party
December 05, 2017
Office parties, family gatherings, and friend-filled soirées – you’ve got...Read More >
Low Rider Tutorial
A thoroughly modern take on the traditional low bun.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: short holiday hairstyles
November 21, 2017
Having shorter tresses doesn’t have to cramp your style –...Read More >
Volume Control Tutorial
Turn up the heat on straight hair to create sensational... Read More >
Short hair holiday curls tutorial
November 15, 2017
To all our lob-loving T3 women, this short hair holiday curls...Read More >
Crowning Achievement Tutorial
Combine mermaid waves with two side-swept braids.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: ornamented holiday hairstyles
November 09, 2017
These holiday hairstyles are perfect for every festive affair (we love a...Read More >
Surf’s Up Tutorial
A guide to navigating full-bodied and tousled waves.... Read More >
Adorned holiday waves tutorial
November 02, 2017
Perfectly festive locks in 3 simple steps? This adorned holiday...Read More >
Side Swept Blowout Video Tutorial
How to achieve a sleek and straight side swept blowout with... Read More >
Fall into a relaxing beauty routine
October 20, 2017
Mornings don’t have to be stressful. This season, let us...Read More >
Tie the Knot Tutorial
All you need to create a full-bodied French braid with... Read More >
T3 Pros: healthy hair from wet to dry
October 11, 2017
Keep your hair feeling fresh from shower time to showtime!...Read More >
Twisted Waves Video Tutorial
How to create flatteringly soft yet defined twisted waves.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: hairstyles to wear with scarves
October 05, 2017
Stay cozy and still look hot in the cool months ahead....Read More >
Ripple Waves Video Tutorial
Create a ripple effect and get smooth, sensational waves in... Read More >
#T3Inspo: fall hairstyles
September 25, 2017
What we’re loving about the new season? Colorful leaves, pumpkin...Read More >
Boho Braid Video Tutorial
A mussed-up mane with a side boho braid hints at... Read More >
NYFW SS18 street style hair trends
September 21, 2017
Lead Stylist David Lopez hit the streets to capture his favorite NYFW...Read More >
Mermaid Waves Video Tutorial
Fresh from the tropics, these effortless mermaid waves look like... Read More >
Bardot ponytail tutorial
September 19, 2017
This fall, we’re thinking French. Our Bardot ponytail tutorial will...Read More >
Bombshell Waves Video Tutorial
How to create pinup-worthy bombshell waves with a deep side... Read More >
#T3Inspo: endless summer waves
September 11, 2017
T3 Lead Stylist David Lopez creates endless summer waves with...Read More >
Pony Up Tutorial
Reinvent the classic ponytail with volume, waves and soft texture.... Read More >
Pompadour tutorial
September 03, 2017
Pomp it up! This daring and modern pompadour tutorial is...Read More >
Fishing For Compliments Tutorial
Master an elegant French fishtail braid with a twist.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: Labor Day Weekend Hairstyles
September 01, 2017
 Leave the looks to us, enjoy the sunshine! Consider your...Read More >
Waterfall Wonders Tutorial
How to wrap a waterfall braid around cascading waves.... Read More >
Banana bun tutorial
August 23, 2017
An elongated take on the classic chignon, the banana bun...Read More >
Hip Flips Tutorial
Master a sleek, straight mane with the ends flipped under.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: back-to-school hairstyles
August 20, 2017
Take the kids to school in style! Learn how to...Read More >
Silky & Straight Video Tutorial
Create a poker-straight, super-smooth mane like never before.... Read More >
Big curls hair tutorial
August 16, 2017
Roll up to any event or outing with mega volume....Read More >
Want the Lowdown? Tutorial
A straight-up simple low ponytail that will have everyone talking.... Read More >
T3 Pros: dirty hair tips & tricks
August 07, 2017
Sometimes dry shampoo alone just doesn’t cut it. Here are...Read More >
Double or Nothing Tutorial
Two strands are better than one in this modern low... Read More >
Easy short hair tutorial
August 01, 2017
Who said top knots are only for long hair? This...Read More >
Vive La Difference Tutorial
Rethink the classic French braid with this unique flipped under up-do.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: cool hairstyles for hot weather
July 25, 2017
To keep tresses off your neck on balmy summer days,...Read More >
The Voluminous Life Tutorial
Add vivid volume and flare to your locks with this... Read More >
Beach waves tutorial
July 22, 2017
When you can’t take a casual dip in the ocean, resort...Read More >
5 Minute Blowout Tutorial
Expedite perfectly straight or voluminous hair in five minutes for... Read More >
T3 Pros: humidity-fighting hair tips
July 12, 2017
Hot, sticky and muggy weather is not always friendly to...Read More >
Twisted Sister Tutorial
An alternative take on creating bouncy, beachy waves.... Read More >
Easy up-do hair tutorial
July 06, 2017
Skip the salon and opt for a DIY. This easy...Read More >
Blowdry Set Video Tutorial
Create a bodacious blowout with these four simple steps.... Read More >
#T3Inspo: bridal occasion hairstyles
June 26, 2017
Take on your shower, ceremony and honeymoon seamlessly with these five...Read More >
Super Natural Tutorial
Use the Soft Touch 2 diffuser to execute soft, frizz-free... Read More >
Summer travel essentials
June 19, 2017
Vacation in style with our five summer travel essentials. Look...Read More >
Old Hollywood Video Tutorial
Golden-age coiffure meets modern-day glam in this four-step guide to... Read More >
S waves hair tutorial
June 10, 2017
Get beach waves even without the beach using the SinglePass...Read More >
Part Ways Tutorial
A ravishing deep side part is the easiest way to... Read More >
#T3Inspo: quick hairstyles for women on the go
May 30, 2017
Places to go, people to see. Here are 5 quick,...Read More >
Body and Soul Tutorial
How to add soft sensual waves to a pristine blowout.... Read More >
3-day weekend hair tutorial
May 17, 2017
Vacation season is just around the corner! This simple and...Read More >
Curl Power Reinvented Tutorial
A guide to voluminous glam curls and languid locks.... Read More >
10-minute short hairstyle tutorial
May 03, 2017
To all our lob-loving T3 women who are also pressed for time,...Read More >
T3 Pros: rain hair revival tips and tricks
April 28, 2017
April showers bring hair horrors. Our T3Pros share their best...Read More >
#T3Inspo: engagement photo hairstyles
April 21, 2017
You’ve said yes – now it’s time to capture the...Read More >
2017 Mother’s Day gift guide
April 19, 2017
Introducing our 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, made for the best...Read More >
3-day music festival hair tutorial
April 10, 2017
This 3-day music festival hair tutorial will give you no need...Read More >
Loose waves hair tutorial
April 04, 2017
Looking for your new go-to hairdo? This loose waves hair...Read More >
#T3Inspo: spring hairstyles
March 23, 2017
Say hello to the sunshine and these five spring hairstyles to sport this...Read More >
T3 Pros: hairstyle retention tips and tricks
March 15, 2017
Long live your blowout. T3 Lead Stylist David Lopez shares...Read More >
Women of today making history
March 08, 2017
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting and applauding...Read More >
#T3Inspo: winter clothing hairstyles
February 27, 2017
It’s time to stop fighting your turtlenecks, scarves and winter...Read More >
T3 Pros: healthy winter hair tips
February 24, 2017
Healthy winter hair is at your fingertips. Our T3Pros are...Read More >
NYFW street style hair trends
February 18, 2017
T3 Lead Stylist David Lopez spent a chilly afternoon scoping...Read More >
Chignon hair tutorial
February 12, 2017
This simple chignon hair tutorial will have you achieving the...Read More >
#T3Inspo: 5 Valentine’s Day hairstyles
February 08, 2017
This February, love is in the hair. No matter your...Read More >
Why our compact tools are the ultimate gym motivation
January 30, 2017
Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Learn how our powerful...Read More >
#T3Inspo: 10-minute easy hairstyles
January 18, 2017
Oh what a woman can accomplish in 10 minutes!  We’re...Read More >
Triple inside out ponytail tutorial
January 14, 2017
In a time crunch? This triple inside out ponytail tutorial...Read More >
#T3Pro: 5 After gym hair tips
January 13, 2017
These 5 after gym hair tips from T3 Lead Stylist David...Read More >
10 Achievable New Year’s resolutions
January 11, 2017
2017’s declarations don’t have to disappoint. Here are 10 achievable...Read More >
5 tools to shorten your morning beauty routine
December 28, 2016
Primp and preen in no time at all. Here are...Read More >
#T3Inspo: top 5 New Year’s Eve hairstyles
December 22, 2016
To inspire you on the most glamorous night of the...Read More >
Ponytail with a twist hair tutorial
December 20, 2016
This ponytail with a twist hair tutorial can be recreated in...Read More >
T3 wish list hints
December 14, 2016
Have T3 on your wish list? Here are 5 subtle/not-so-subtle ways to...Read More >
#T3Inspo: holiday curls
December 05, 2016
Ornament your hair this season with holiday curls.  All you...Read More >
Flat out big curls tutorial
December 02, 2016
Take a walk on the wild side. This flat out...Read More >
T3 Pros: hair extension tips and tricks
November 28, 2016
Can we get an extension? Our T3 Pros have 5 hair...Read More >
2016 Holiday gift guide
November 19, 2016
Show you care – gift gorgeous hair with the help...Read More >
#T3Inspo: 2016 top 5 holiday hairstyles
November 16, 2016
Another week, another holiday party to attend! These 2016 top...Read More >
Old Hollywood waves tutorial
November 05, 2016
Nothing dresses up an ensemble quite like an elegant hairstyle....Read More >
#T3Inspo: favorite straight hairstyles
October 31, 2016
You’re a smooth operator. Here are a few of our favorite...Read More >
Short hair natural waves tutorial
October 26, 2016
Not quite sure how to use hot rollers on your...Read More >
#T3Inspo: Top 5 fall hair trends
October 24, 2016
With the new season comes pumpkin spice everything and new...Read More >
Finger wave tutorial
October 21, 2016
We are all about bringing back hairstyles from the past....Read More >
Voluminous waves tutorial
October 20, 2016
Turn up the volume! This voluminous waves tutorial will take...Read More >
Halloween hair tutorials
October 12, 2016
Still on the lookout for the perfect costume? T3 Pro...Read More >
Sleek double ponytail tutorial
October 10, 2016
Let’s get straight to the point. This sleek double ponytail...Read More >
#T3Inspo: Time saving hairstyles that take you from your desk to dinner
September 30, 2016
You’re busy, we get it. These time saving hairstyles that...Read More >
History of hot rollers
September 26, 2016
There’s a different curl for every girl! Here is a short...Read More >
Crimped ponytail tutorial
September 22, 2016
Crimp your style. This crimped ponytail tutorial is just what...Read More >
Top 5 hair trends from the SS17 runways
September 21, 2016
Volume and braids and bangs, oh my! We compiled a...Read More >
Side pop wave tutorial
September 15, 2016
Dare to add a pop of flair to your hair. This...Read More >
T3 Pros: 5 Hairstyle hacks
August 31, 2016
Our T3 Pros have some tips and tricks up their...Read More >
Knotted ponytail tutorial
August 27, 2016
Ultra unique and mega modern, this knotted ponytail tutorial is...Read More >