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My Story

Arye Rapini manages other people’s money for a living, but that doesn’t mean she has a by the numbers approach to styling her hair. “It depends on my mood,” says the flaxen-haired Brazilian native, who veers between straight locks, loose curls and languid up-dos. Moving to the US as a non-English speaker only served to fuel her ambition in a male-dominated profession. “It made me grow up a lot faster,” she says.

My Favorite Looks

5 Minute Blowout
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" This is my classic professional look. I love that it’s clean, soft and it speaks confidence, power and class."

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Part Ways
Why I love the Look.

" This is my “red carpet” look. I love that it’s chic, classic and bold."

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Surf's Up
Why I love the look.

" This is my fun, let’s go out and dance look. Or maybe my date night with my hubby hair. I love that it’s fun, curly, and voluminous."

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