Moogega Cooper

Planetary Scientist

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My Story

As a scientist at JPL, the NASA space exploration center, Moogega Cooper spends her days reflecting on whether there is life on Mars. Little wonder she appreciates T3’s efficient tools. No matter whether she is enhancing her natural curls or straightening them, “T3 has made my routine even faster,” she says. “In the space exploration industry, you have to develop new ideas to overcome each challenge.” We can relate to that.

My Favorite Looks

Body and Soul
Why I love the Look.

" I love that it shows off my hair's length and health. It also has a bit of a bounce which also captures personality!"

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Super Natural
Why I love the Look.

" I love that it is energetic and shows my lion's mane at the fullest! It embodies my springy-ness in life!"

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Hip Flips
Why I love the look.

" It is sleek and shiny! I also love that this look is perfect for any and every occasion. "

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My Tools

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