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By pairing peerless technology with seamless design, unmatched innovation with unparalleled engineering, we create exceptional products for the digital age. Smartphone—meet smart curling iron. Power tool—meet precision tool. Welcome to our brave new whirl.

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T3 Tourmaline

T3 Tourmaline® Technology

Tourmaline is known as the "electric stone" because, when heated, it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. Negative ions reduce static and seal the cuticle which, in turn, helps to diminish frizz, smooth locks and enhance shine.

T3 Tourmaline Technology

Pioneering Ideas

Kent Yu, visionary founder of T3, was the first to adapt Tourmaline to the hair tools market, and has followed up with numerous other ingenious ideas. By promoting concepts such as SoftAire, SinglePass and Gyroscopic technology, we strive to make categorical improvements on the conventional, and to improve women's lives.


A Gem of an Idea

From dryers and flat irons to accessories—T3 tools harness the power of Tourmaline to foster healthy, beautiful hair. Tourmaline, not diamonds, might well be a girl's best friend.

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T3 Singlepass

T3 SinglePass™ Technology

A one-time only proposition—that's the promise of our T3 Digital SinglePass™ technology.
An internal sensor maintains a consistent temperature throughout styling, which is vital, and exposes hair to as little heat as possible, in just one glide.

T3 Singlepass Technology

Once and Away

Time-saving, user-friendly design is embedded in our signature products. All of our straightening, curling and styling tools are equipped with SinglePass™ Technology, which accelerates the styling process as never before.

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T3 Tourmaline Softair

T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire™

Traditional dryers blast vulnerable hair with hurricane-like airflow and cuticle-parching heat, which can incite split ends, frizz and flyaways. T3 Featherweight Dryers with Tourmaline® SoftAire function in an entirely different manner. A specially-engineered fan generates ion-enriched air that exits the dryer in a wide, cone-shaped flow, to dry large sections of hair quickly and gently. Negative ions neutralize static and seal the cuticle, to help retain hair moisture, diffuse frizz and boost shine.

T3 Tourmaline Softair

T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire

Unike conventional dryers, T3 tools equipped with SoftAire technology deliver ion-enriched airflow and infrared heat to dry large sections of hair quickly, gently and more effectively. Hair retains its moisture, shine is boosted and frizz is reduced. Time to upgrade your old dryer.


Enriched Air Flow

T3 dryers include our nurturing SoftAire so that you can effectively dry—not fry—your hair.

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T3 Gyroscopic

T3 Gyroscopic Technology

Styling your hair is not rocket science—except when it is. T3 utilizes gyroscopic digital technology, the same expertise utilized in space exploration, so that our curling iron intuitively responds to the direction of your wrist.

T3 Gyroscopic

A Turning Point

Our latest innovation makes weilding a curling iron feel less like pumping iron. Twisting your locks has rarely been as instinctive, effortless or revolutionary.

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Twiral 360

Beautiful results of powerful technology