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Counterfeited T3 products exist and are extremely difficult to identify. Though we have set up a program to pursue aggressively those who engage in such counterfeiting criminal practices, some counterfeit products still end up in the market place. Counterfeited products are lower quality and may not go through the same level of safety testing as authentic T3 products. These products may damage your hair or malfunction. Please be sure to purchase T3 products only from authorized retailers. Please note we cannot guarantee inventory availability at our authorized retailers. Please reach out to your local retailer to confirm availability.

The T3 warranty only applies when tools are purchased from an authorized retailer - select retailers, online retailers and salons. Please note that products purchased from unauthorized resellers are not covered under the T3 Warranty as we cannot verify their authenticity. If you have purchased a T3 product from an authorized retailer, you can register your product here.

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