Our Story

Pioneering Spirit
California Roots

In Los Angeles, California, the vibe is electric. Entrepreneurship and innovation is inherent to our spirit. The fashion is cool, creativity is second nature, and a healthy lifestyle is top of mind. Self-expression is abundant and colorful. The rules of health and beauty are continuously redefined and confidence shines through as the essential ingredient. This vibrant outdoor playground, surrounded by sunlit beaches and molded by the latest trends in culture, technology, wellness and beauty, is our backyard and everyday inspiration. The air is alive with possibility.

Pioneering Spirit
Beauty Meets Tech

Part tech start up, part beauty venture, in 2003 we pioneered the first luxury hair tools. From one idea – tourmaline-powered hair dryers – we’ve evolved into a brand synonymous with high-performance, styling efficiency and, most importantly, reliably beautiful hair. Combining elevated aesthetics, meticulous engineering and cutting-edge technology to overcome daily hair struggles for millions of women around the world.

Refined style
Healthy Is Powerful

In our quest to offer better and more enjoyable haircare solutions, we’ve gone beyond styling to create a premium beauty regime. One that delivers powerful results in record time, while still caring for hair with the precision to ease damage and dial up healthy shine. Because healthy, beautiful hair leads to powerful things.

Inspiring Creativity
Backstage Secret

Our tools are coveted and trusted by the industry’s most discerning clientele. Proof can be found on red carpets, fashion runways and glossy spreads around the world – and in our cult following of celebrity and fashion stylists, and fans at home. It’s their creativity and passion that inspires us to stretch the boundaries of hair tool technologies every day and, in turn, empower women to write their own rules on beauty.


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