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Saving Grace

By expediting the styling process, our efficient products offer substantial hair health benefits. T3 tools shield the hair by sealing in moisture, reducing frizz, and protecting the all-important cuticle. Plus, they give you the control to use as much heat as you need.

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Smart Heat

Smart Heat

Multiple heat settings ensure that our products can be optimized for any hair type or condition, which also minimizes heat damage. SinglePass and SoftAire technologies generate consistent, even heat to safeguard against hot spots and avoid over drying.

Healthy Heat



Singlepass LUXE

Styles fast for looks that last...and last.

When it comes to polishing unruly tresses, or creating modern waves, our flat iron is a straight shooter. You get exactly what you desire in a single glide, without fear of overexposure to heat.

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SinglePass LUXE
Moisture Sealing

Moisture Sealing

Tourmaline and ceramic components, applied at critical sources of heat, produce negative ions that help seal the hair cuticle and retain moisture from the inside out. They’re also synonymous with silky texture, radiant shine, smooth locks and a frizz-free finish.

Moisture Sealing


Make waves. Leave a lasting impression.

The dynamic blend of Tourmaline and ceramic, fused to form the barrel of this iron, defies frizz, enriches shine and produces long-lasting curls. It’s pure alchemy.

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Whirl Convertable
Effectiv Stylish

Effective Styling

All our tools are designed to dry and style hair with impressive speed and sophistication. Not only are they faster than typical products, they are also gentler on the hair, by not overexposing it to infernal heat and chaotic wind.

Effectiv Stylish


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T3 dryers cut their dry times in half.


A dryer evolution.

With SoftAire and T3 Tourmaline® technology, the Featherweight Luxe 2i dries your hair in a breeze, leaving it healthy, glossy and impossibly smooth.

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Featherweight LUXE
Complete Haircare

Complete Haircare

The T3 holistic approach to healthy hair begins in the shower. Using a patented formula of Tourmaline, precious metals and minerals, T3 Source Beauty Showers remove up to 95% of chlorine—the real culprit behind dry, damaged hair and skin.

Complete Haircare


Pure water. For purely beautiful hair.

Filter out harmful chlorine and reap the noticeable beauty benefits. With a Source Showerhead, you can purify your own water supply.

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T3 Source Shower Head
  • I like that I can always change the temperature on the T3 iron, and the plates flow really smoothly, and I don’t feel like I’m scorching the hair or drying it of all its moisture.

    - Orlando Pita, Professional Stylist
  • My hair is MUCH shinier and I can DEFINITELY see a marked difference in the condition of my hair.

    - Buttercup, Georgia

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